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TCC EASY2 The new generation of TCC-EASY series, EASY-2, is now available. It is more energy-efficient, easier to use and maintain and is safer with UL certification.

Keyed Turn On/Off
  • Key required for machine operation
  • Safety Shield with Sensors
  • When the shield is opened, it automatically stops the machine
  • Optional Auto-Shut Off feature
  • 30 mins after inactivity, machine shuts off automatically
Easier Maintenance and Use:
  • Faster Roller Changing
  • Labor time to replace rollers is shortened by 75% compared to the competing product.
$1,995.00 Packaging Dimensions: 34.8" x 18.5" x 15" # of Rollers: 4 Max Lamination Width: 27" Max Film Thickness: 10mil Lamination Speed: 1.5-4.0 ft/min Temperature Range: 212F - 285F Temperature Control: LED Film Core Size: 1" Additional Function: Clear PC Shield, Pre-Set Speed, Film Type Selection


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